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SHARON MCCORMICK DESIGN is an award-winning full-service luxury residential interior design firm. We specialize in consulting with executives and entrepreneurs on new home construction, relocations, renovations and interior decoration of primary and secondary homes. Our design service provides what professionals need most – time, accountability, and peace of mind.

Sharon McCormick Design has become known as “The Executive’s Designer”. Her results-driven approach to design, problem-solving, and budgeting is a product of her past experience as a CFO and CPA. Having lived the fast-paced executive lifestyle herself, Sharon is uniquely positioned to understand the physical and emotional toll of unrelenting stress and constant career demands on both the executive and her/his family members.

The firm’s mission is to design her clients’ homes to be personal retreats from these demands. Sharon McCormick Design’s professional processes guide clients through the myriad of decisions required to bring a project to completion, with great respect for her clients’ investments of both finances and time.

Sharon believes that in addition to being beautiful, a home must also be designed to be practical and built to support a family’s unique lifestyle. Open communication is the first step in the process.

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