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SHARON McCORMICK DESIGN is an East Coast boutique interior design firm based in Hartford, CT. The award-winning firm is widely recognized for creating elegant, warm, customized homes which live as beautifully as they look. Home is a special place, where memories are made and family is nurtured. Home is a retreat from the outside world, yet a welcoming environment to share with friends. Each design is the personal signature of everything our clients are and everything they aspire to be. 

Sharon is passionate about design, and the business of design. She has introduced a brand new paradigm to the industry, capitalizing on technology in our rapidly changing and complex world. Her global viewpoint allows her to bring the best of the best to her clients, unbound by the vagaries of a local market. Her highly skilled virtual team includes experts in technology, 3-D design, AutoCAD, construction drawings, presentation boards, and so much more. Each contributes exceptional results in record time, always on the cutting edge of their specialized niches. 

Sharon and her talented team have designed primary residences and vacation homes for clients in Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, Washington D.C., Virginia, and Florida. The firm’s body of work over the past 17 years demonstrates versatility in design styles and a sensitivity to regional contexts and site-specific challenges. Sharon is able to quickly assemble first-class teams of architects, builders, and sub-contractors due to her collaborative nature and vast network of industry contacts. Clients prize our close proximity to New York City, keenly aware of the extensive range of high-end, sophisticated resources available to us in our own backyard. 

Our clients astutely recognize that the depth of our expertise and experience is a sound investment, preserving their precious free time while preventing the regret of expensive mistakes, the headaches of project management, and the lingering disappointment of inferior results.  We listen intently to to our clients’ wish lists, must-haves, and style preferences, asking in-depth questions which quickly reveal the trajectory of the project. Sharon has developed a logical, timely process to steadily guide her clients to make thoughtful choices, regardless of the size, scope, or complexity of  the space. What may have initially seemed like an overwhelming burden of hundreds of decisions to be made is broken down into manageable bites.

Clients often breathe an audible sigh of relief as we begin the creative process together, confident that they will receive a well-considered balance between aesthetics, budget, and practicality. We take great pride in our problem-solving skills as we develop floor and reflected ceiling plans, plumbing and electrical plans, smart-home technology and AV plans, kitchen and bath designs, cabinetry, built-ins, elevations, and construction schedules. Clients soon discover that Sharon continually asks “what if”, never believing that something is impossible. She and her team value the advice and experience of everyone involved in making our clients’ dreams come true. Amazing things happen when every last person feels respected and free to share ideas, without judgment, as we jointly create a masterpiece. We curate a masterful mix of materials, finishes, fixtures, fabrics, furniture, lighting, art, and accessories, excited for feedback at each juncture. 3-D renderings allow our clients to visualize their selections before making final decisions. 

Clients are given the option to conclude their project with “The Big Reveal”. It is the only chance to see a new space as others will – all at once and before becoming accustomed to the surroundings. The candles will be lit, the champagne will be on ice, the flowers will be fresh, and the music will be softly playing. There is a moment of realization that this a tangible testament to their success. Men and women alike find this to an emotional moment, one they will never forget. We highly encourage our clients to experience the magic!

Sharon is an accomplished, forward-thinking business woman with an entrepreneurial spirit, quick to laugh, candid, casual, and confident.  She developed brisk organizational, budgeting, and strategic planning skills in her prior career as a fast-track CPA at PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Boston.  She is a fierce advocate for her clients, able to firmly stand her ground on their behalf when the circumstances warrant it.  

Sharon is an Allied Member of ASID and AIA-CT, and a founding board member of Design Trust, Ltd. She is a graduate of Williams College, Western New England University College of Business, and Paier College of Art, and considers herself to be a lifelong learner.



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