Aging Gracefully at Home

There are a lot of great reasons for homeowners to plan on aging in place. If you’re remodeling or building a new home, incorporating aging-friendly choices not only allows you to stay in the home you love but can save money in the long run.

Wows & Nows: 2018 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS)

Simply put, KBIS is a mecca for anyone and everyone in the industry. In January, I attended the show in Orlando as a Modenus Blog Tour participant. What is a blog tour you ask? It’s a group of “Industry Influencers” who are sponsored to blog about the latest trends.

Design for Baby Boomers

I read a fascinating article recently on MultiBriefs about the future of Baby Boomers on the housing market. Author Michael J. Berens compared expectations for Baby Boomers to recent data and surveys for an interesting look at how this demographic can impact housing in the coming years. The article got me thinking about design for Baby Boomers.

Refresh for the New Year!

Admit it! Once the holiday decorations come down, your house seems bare and maybe a little boring. This is an ideal time of year to switch things up.

Hope Lodge NYC Holiday Bash

I was honored and humbled to be chosen as 1 of 26 interior designers selected from across the U.S. to participate in the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge NYC Holiday Bash 2016.

Wallpaper is Back!

Interior design preferences come and go over the years, but wall covering choices have always come down to paint vs. wallpaper. Fortunately, wallpaper is back — and in a big way!

Why Paint Comes Last

The first question a client is likely to ask me when starting a redecoration project is, “What color are we going to paint the walls?”

Antiquing in England

A couple of years ago, I spent some truly enjoyable time antiquing in the Cotswolds. With the recent Brexit drama, your dollar can go further in England — if you plan an antiquing trip now, you can get more bang for your buck!

Granby, CT Sunroom with Kid Friendly Design

When a client of ours in Granby, Connecticut decided to build a sun room with kid friendly design as an addition to their home, they wisely started making plans six months before the building started in order to enjoy their new room during the spring and summer...

Fall Curb Appeal

After the long, sweltering, muggy days of summer, the arrival of fall feels like such sweet relief!  It's no wonder many people consider this all-to-brief season their favorite time of year.  If your preparations for fall involve simply taking your boots and sweaters...

High and Low Interior Design

One of the myths of working with an interior designer is that every element of every room has to be custom, high end, unique, one of a kind; in other words, expensive. While you can, of course, go all out with everything from the wallpaper to the accessories, it’s certainly not a requirement for a well decorated home. Instead, consider buying some pieces that are a splurge because you love them, they’re dramatic, or they’re very high quality. Then, balance the budget with more economical pieces.

Scale in Interior Design

Today’s blog post about scale is inspired by my longtime friend, artist Patrick Ganino. Patrick and I go way back — he started his path as an artist around the same time I launched my interior design firm.

Master Bath in Washington, D.C.

Last week, we featured a glamorous master bedroom for a client in the Washington, D.C. area. Today, I’d like to share with you photos of the master bath of this lovely en suite.

Master Bedroom, Washington D.C.

For a client in the Washington, D.C. area, we created this glamorous master bedroom. The goal of the project was to design a space for the couple to relax and reconnect in a sumptuous, but classy, environment