This Granby CT interior design project was so fun to work on!  Blue takes over this home with a modern American design detail.

Blue is often associated with sadness in the English language. Blue is also used extensively to represent calmness and responsibility. Light blues can be refreshing and friendly. Dark blues are more strong and reliable. Blue is also associated with peace and has spiritual and religious connotations in many cultures and traditions (for example, the Virgin Mary is generally depicted wearing blue robes).

The meaning of blue is widely affected depending on the exact shade and hue. In design, the exact shade of blue you select will have a huge impact on how your designs are perceived. Light blues are often relaxed and calming. Bright blues can be energizing and refreshing. Dark blues, like navy, are excellent for corporate sites or designs where strength and reliability are important.

Granby CT interior design

A glossy blue beadboard ceiling and hand-painted floor give the room character with a classic twist. The floor pattern is an adaptation of an 1800’s floorcloth checkerboard design with a stenciled floral border. The family’s heirloom wicker furniture has been reupholstered with a paisley fabric (stianguarded of course.) The new ottoman is upholstered in royal blue cotton with white piping, an ever popular combination.

Granby CT interior design
The round oil rubbed bronze bar sink is a complement to the grain of the barn wood countertop.

If you have a Granby CT interior design project in mind, let me know!