We had a great time working on this Glastonbury interior design project!  The client wanted a custom basement game room, home theater, and wine bar.  Designing this cool space was so much fun!

The custom home theater features luxurious leather seating, soundproof walls, and a lighting system to optimize viewing.  Every detail of the theater contributes to the movie watching experience on both a technological level and an aesthetic one.

For the bar and wine room, we chose a classic, masculine design reminiscent of pubs.  Rich wood, dark leather, and stained glass create an atmosphere that invites you to kick back with a martini and a cigar. 

In the wine cellar, a custom hand painted mural provides a focal point in a space designed to safely store the client’s impressive wine collection.  The choice of materials and overall design of the space creates a cohesive feel with the rest of the downstairs entertainment area, creating a seamless flow from theater to bar to wine cellar. 

The finished Glastonbury interior design project achieved our goal of creating the perfect place for the client to entertain friends and family!