Thank you to all of you who visited the Junior League of Hartford Designer Showhouse this May! Here is the inside scoop on how we transformed the home office.

The theme of the Showhouse was “Empowering Women and Girls.”  Since executives make up a large percentage of our clientele, I was drawn to the idea of designing a space for a female CEO.

Here is the “Before”. The house was built in 1985. The “Before” was state of the art at the time, but it was definitely time for a face lift. Do you agree?


Designers have to submit floor plans and mood boards in order to apply for a room.

Sharon McCormick Design home office

I went a step further and submitted a 3-D rendering with my proposal. I also use this tool to help my clients visualize a space before they invest in furniture, rugs, lighting, and art.

Sharon McCormick Design home office

As soon as I saw the room, it was clear that 3 things had to be changed before we could even get to painting.

  1. The existing “popcorn” ceiling needed to go. My team scraped the popcorn off, sanded, and skim coated the ceiling until it was perfectly flat. Yes, it’s a time-consuming and messy job, but it updated the room immediately.
  2. The room itself didn’t have crown molding. We took the crown off of the existing bookcases and installed the new molding to blend seamlessly around the entire room.
  3. The floor was a dated red oak. We sanded it down and applied several coats of ebony stain and polyurethane.

There was very little time between being notified that we got our first choice room and the completion deadline. Many things in the rendering had a long lead time, so substitutions had to be made. J. Namnoun Rug Gallery lent us a gorgeous, soft, textured black rug – which I ended up liking better than the one I had originally chosen. The home office ended up feeling more serene because of it.   Thankfully, the desk that was the centerpiece of my design was in stock!

Here is the finished “After.”  Hope you like it!

hartford ct interior design home office