Admit it! Once the holiday decorations come down, your house seems bare and maybe a little boring.  This is an ideal time of year to switch things up. Gather your art, lamps, and accessories and put them all together in one place.  Then, create collections and give your rooms a new look by reaccessorizing. Chances are you don’t even notice or appreciate your accessories when they’ve been in the same place for years.

Is your family photo wall a cohesive collection, or just a random set of photos and frames?  Consider reframing them with identical or similar frames. Arrange them on the floor to create a pleasing arrangement, then transfer to the wall.  While you’re at it, consider framing some treasured mementos that are just collecting dust.


Your home’s art can benefit from an update as well.  New frames and matting breathe new life into artwork.  If you have pieces that weren’t originally framed with archival quality materials, you may want to take them to a professional who will matte and frame them with acid free elements to ensure they last a lifetime.


I’ll bet your bookshelves could benefit from styling as well.  Start by culling the paperbacks you’ll never read again and donate them. Remove the things you don’t really like anymore before creating groupings of what’s left.  Books can be laid flat to serve as a lift for a smaller accessory.  Even the pros can have a tough time balancing colors, sizes, and textures when accessorizing bookshelves, so keep rearranging until you’re completely happy with it.


With a little tweaking, your home can start the new year looking updated and refreshed!