When a client of ours in Granby, Connecticut decided to build a sun room with kid friendly design as an addition to their home, they wisely started making plans six months before the building started in order to enjoy their new room during the spring and summer season.


For this family with five children, kid friendly design was a priority.  As anyone with children knows, “kid friendly” translates to “durable” and “easy to clean.”  With that in mind, we decided to go with a painted floor, which is super easy to clean and maintain.  The furniture, consisting of pieces handed down through the family, was reupholstered with stain resistant fabrics.  These choices will allow the entire family to live in and enjoy the room without worrying about spills and stains.


Another important consideration for this family is storage.  The sun room is often used for reading, studying, and creative pursuits.  In order to keep the room looking tidy, we added plenty of storage space.  Each of the five children has a built in drawer with his or her name on it to store books, toys, and school or art supplies.  This storage option makes for easy clean up for even the youngest children.  We carefully planned for lighting solutions which would allow the family to comfortably use the sun room at any time during the day or night.


If you’d like to plan an addition to your home, now is the time to start looking at ideas!