This Middlefield Interior Design project was a highlight for Sharon McCormick Design. The interior design project focused heavily on rebuilding the kitchen from the ground up. This Middlefield Interior Design client had a specific vision and Sharon McCormick was able to realize the vision and execute it in spectacular fashion.

The client expressed interest in wanting cabinetry and an island that fit both rustic and timeless motifs. Sharon McCormick’s millwork partners managed to capture the essence of what the client was looking for and go above and beyond with custom inlays, engravings, and even a dropped portion of ceiling using mahogany to anchor the kitchen island to the room. 

Taking a closer look at this Middlefield Interior Design project’s kitchen allows one to see the incredible craftsmanship in the kitchen island. All the hand-engraved inlays with custom made brass fittings for all the cabinets are timeless and sophisticated. The client requested an inset microwave that was hidden from view unless cooking in the kitchen, and Sharon McCormick decided to recess it in this island. 

One of the best features of this kitchen is the dedicated faucet for the industrial stainless steel stove and oven. It adds a weight off ones shoulders, quite literally, without having to carry pots filled with water from the sink to the stove. This stove’s backsplash utilizes hand engraved tiles for a truly sophisticated and regal look. 

The kitchen’s main sink is enveloped and washed with natural light from a giant window. This Middlefield Interior Design project was fitted with a custom made marble sink that was inspired by Tuscan art and marble carving masters. 

This Middlefield Interior Design project by Sharon McCormick Design was a thoughtful exercise in form and function. Combining both elements from rustic and timeless motifs created a unique experience in the kitchen.